Top Innovations by Various Automobile Industries

The automobile industry is growing day by day and since the technology has emerged to a great level, there are a few automobile industries which have achieved a great level of success. Up to the year 2014, there are a few automobile industries which have successfully launched some of the great inventions so far; although these are yet to be widely used –

  • Google Driverless Car – In the year 2014, December 23rd, Google announced its first driverless cars. These aren’t yet ready to be used on public roads. However, the company came up with various other beneficial inventions prior to this.
  • V2V Communications – Talking about vehicles and traffics, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration came up with V2V Communication (Vehicle—to—Vehicle) which allows light vehicles to talk to each other. This helps the vehicles to avoid getting crashed while helping each other exchanging various data.
  • Smart Cars – Yet another invention by Google. These are known as “android auto” which can be used as an “infotainment” which can be connected to the car dashboard. The driver can also access GPS, maps, get information about the weather and listen to music with the help of this telemetric software.
  • Ford Aluminum Truck – Ford invented the first aluminum-bodied full-size pickup truck in the year 2014. It is much lighter than the steal-bodied ones and weighs 700 pounds which is also much more fuel efficient and user-friendly.
  • The Hovering car by Toyota – Seems like Toyota is all set to set a new milestone in the automobile industry as it is developing a new future airborne car. The company is now trying to develop a flying car – now don’t get shocked – it won’t exactly be flying like the airplane but will be slightly above the ground in order to reduce friction.